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What makes a pest expert really an expert?

It’s important to note than only a qualified pest control expert is able to conduct a thorough pest control appointment. This is because there are some products, chemicals and procedures which only an accredited pest control professional is able to make use of. In NSW, all pest controllers need to complete and entry level program in pest management to become an acknowledged pest controller. But would you entrust the safety of your home, and family, to someone who has only done the most basic program to become a professional?

We advise that when you are considering a pest control specialist you should always ask about his previous training and qualification. Especially when it comes to some of the more expensive treatments such as Termite Infestation Treatment and Thermal Termite Inspections as these involve complex procedures (such as installing a chemical barrier) and making use of complicated equipment (such as Thermal or Moisture scanners).

However it is also important to take into account the pest control company’s previous experience. Even though they might have stellar qualifications they might not have done any actual fieldwork! We have found that there are some procedures and techniques you can only develop over years of experience in this field and over years of treatments a pest control expert develops an eye for minute tell-tale signs of termite and other pests within your home and premises.

Good questions to ask a considered Pest Expert:

i. Ask them what sort of equipment OR chemicals they have access to and would make use of to take care of your infestation. (Take note that there are simple procedures which deal with minor pest problems that don’t make use of advanced equipment.)

ii. Ask them about the practical experience they’ve had, which areas they’ve serviced and what pests they have dealt with before.

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