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Are mosquitos bothering you?

Pest experts can help home owners and business owners alike reduce or eradicate an annoying mosquito population.

Mosquitos can become an overwhelming problem for locations near water. Although it’s never fun to be eaten alive by mosquitos, there are many good reasons to eliminate or reduce mosquitos around homes or business locations.

Mosquitos can carry around many different diseases like Malaria, Ross River virus, Dengue fever, Australian encephalitis and the Barmah Forest virus. Malaria cases that have been diagnosed here seem to usually have been contracted outside Australia. In NSW, we don’t really need to worry too much about Dengue, Malaria or Australian encephalitis – however, Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses are two we must be concerned about here.

Statistics from the NSW Health Department show that the amount of reported cases of Barmah Forest virus in NSW in 2010 was 264, and by early April 2011, 225 cases were reported. A majority of the people who contract this virus have symptoms that subside within a few weeks. However, some people experience joint pain and fatigue for months after being infected.

The Ross River virus may have you feeling different symptoms, comparable to those of someone with a severe case of the flu. NSW Health Department statistics found that 1065 cases were reported during 2010. The virus isn’t a fatal virus, however there’s no definite treatment for it, although your GP can prescribe medications that may offer some relief from various symptoms. You can find more information about mosquitos and disease on the Health Department website.

You can try these easy mosquito control approaches for yourself to help reduce the amount of mosquitos around your home or business and to lessen the chance of being bitten:

•Use Aeroguard!

• Remove stagnant water from areas that may collect it, because mosquitos use stagnant water to breed. This may be water in the base of potted plants, items left out in the yard, or in blocked gutters.

• Use mosquito coils or comparable products to keep them away from outdoor areas.

• Change the water in your pets’ drinking bowls at least every other day.

• If you have an empty fish pond, think about refilling it because fish eat mosquito eggs.

• Install fly screens if you don’t have them already.

In some areas, councils bring in pest professionals, especially if there is a concern with virus outbreak. If you live close to a river, lake or any area with dampness and shade, removing mosquitos won’t be as easy. You may need to speak to a pest expert about other ways to reduce the amount of mosquitos. If you need help around the Sydney, Blackheath, Hazelbrook, Baxland, Bulabura, Faulcorbridge, Glenbrook, Hawkesbury Heights, Winmalee region, treatments are available. Just call us today on 0414 267 273.