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Having trouble with fleas?

If you’ve tried to get rid of fleas in your home and haven’t had any luck with it, you may need to set up a professional flea management treatment. Don’t be alarmed; fleas can be one of the toughest insects for homeowners to get rid of by themselves. This is usually because of their intricate breeding cycle.

And, to refute another misconception, you don’t need pets in your home for fleas to occur. Adult fleas that remain at the cocoon phase can stay inactive in the cocoon for a number of months, especially in the carpet of a vacant house. Any new activity, like new occupants moving in, can cause the fleas to abandon the cocoon in search of food – usually the new residents!
In the instance that you do have pets, fleas can become a serious problem. Here are some things you can do to help reduce the problem:
• Talk with your veterinarian about effective forms of flea control for your pets.
• Clean your pet’s bedding on a regular basis to reduce the amount of fleas present. If the situation with fleas seems to be too overwhelming, consider removing the old bedding and trade it for new bedding. However, don’t replace the old bedding until after you have worked on removing fleas from your pets and the other areas in your home. If not, the new bedding will quickly become overrun with fleas.
• Treat shady areas where your pets spend time outdoors. These spots can harbour fleas.
• Throw away your vacuum cleaner’s bag after cleaning flea infested carpet because fleas and eggs will remain present.
• You can purchase flea ‘bombs’ from the shops, however, these may not be the best flea control solution if the problem is severe or had continued to return after previous tries.
If you have difficulty with fleas, it’s important to deal with the situation quickly. Fleas are more than just an irritant – they are blood sucking parasites that are capable of transmitting tapeworm.
If you’re having problems with fleas, seek exert advise and treatment for the best results. Contact us today on 0414 267 273 and we’ll be happy to assist you.