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Are you a fan of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are never anyone’s favourite thing to see. They can be quite alarming when spotted. The species that we find in the suburbs of Sydney, Blackheath, Hazelbrook, Baxland, Bulabura, Faulcorbridge, Glenbrook, Hawkesbury Heights, Winmalee are nothing but pests that too many home owners wish were not an issue, but unfortunately are. These insects carry bacteria including Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, and are also capable of carrying viruses such as the polio virus. Because of this, cockroach management is important for the health of you and your family.

Not only do they eat waste and dead animals, they also search through sewers to scavenge. They take in many forms of bacteria while eating, and it is collected on their bodies while moving around. So, when they travel around a home and search through food packets in your kitchen, they could very well be leaving behind harmful bacteria. Then you touch the surface of somewhere they have been, you can come into contact with all of that bacteria.

Along with all of the health risks involved, no one wants visitors to spot dead, or alive, cockroaches in their homes. Sometimes, however, even with good hygiene, cockroaches may still appear. This may be because of the lack of hygiene in nearby homes or businesses that cause the cockroaches to come to the area. This can also be the result of nearby homes and businesses having proper cockroach treatment, which will cause the insects to evacuated the premises and find a new place to live (like your house) in search of food. Here are some practical tips:

Cockroach Control

• Make sure all food is sealed and no crumbs are left behind

• Take out rubbish as frequently as possible and keep it in a sealed container

• Don’t leave out pet food or dirty pet food dishes

• Store old books and magazines in plastic containers

• Always clean around kitchen appliances and remove crumbs for the toaster

• Spray down all surfaces when you finish using them

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