Carpenter Beetles

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What are carpenter ants?

Usually, when someone finds carpenter ants in their home, they usually mistake them for termites. The reason so many do this is because, unlike other species of ants, the carpenter ant is a large ant that chooses to make rotting and damp wood its home. Sydney, Blackheath, Hazelbrook, Baxland, Bulabura, Faulcorbridge, Glenbrook, Hawkesbury Heights, Winmalee home owners usually have an experience with these ants in some way, whether it’s outside in the garden or inside of the house.

They are usually found eating at night, so you may not see them easily, but you will probably see and hear the evidence of their late night activities. These ants eat many different things including insects, sweets, and even meat that may be found in a kitchen. Small piles of sawdust near wood can also be a sign that they are near. Rather than eating the wood that they nest in, carpenter ants remove it to make room for their galleries. Then there are a lot of them nesting in the wood, you can actually hear a sound coming from the nest.

Carpenter Ant Removal

A licensed pest expert can help with removal of carpenter ants. There are many different ways to do this and your pest controller will advise the best method depending on the severity of the infestation, the amount of ants, and the location of the nest. Different treatments can involve baiting, dusting, aerosol pesticide spray or a barrier insecticide outdoors that assists in killing the colony by tricking the ants into taking an unnoticeable poison back to their colony. A mixture of these methods may be used.

You can also fill in cracks that have allowed ants to enter, or remove any damp or rotting wood that has attracted the ants.

Ways that you can prevent carpenter ants from entering the home include repairing tap and pipe leaks quickly, sealing spaces that allow ants to enter your home, and making sure that shrubs are away from the outside walls of your home. The wood and dampness may draw them to the area and may guide them closer to your home.

If you are unsure as to whether you have carpenter ants or termites, get the assistance of a professional to help classify and appropriately treat the insects. If the insects happen to be termites, don’t do anything that may upset the nest before the pest control operator arrives. The termites may scatter and go to other locations around your house.

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