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What should you do to take action if bees nest in your house or on your property?

Several bees in your garden don’t always imply the presence of a colony. This is because of them being able to fly very long distances to find food and flowers, as bees are very efficient pollinators. Should you discover numerous bees around, especially if they seem to be going in and out of an opening in the ground, wall or tree or you might see what looks like a nest, then you may have a problem. It’s important in this case that you do not disturb the nest of bees; this includes throwing rocks or looking to pour anything on or over them. A swarm of threatened bees can be very aggressive and some species of bee are potentially hazardous if they attack in large enough numbers to do a great amount of damage to a unprotected person.

When you are considering bee extermination always be sure to contact a professional who will have the grasp of bee infestations, protective equipment as well as the experience necessary to carry out the process safely. Stay away from the nest and take care to keep pets and young kids away, preferably inside your home in the event that the nest is in your backyard. A bee problem is generally dealt with fairly swiftly by a professional. Some skilled bee keepers will come and eliminate the bees for you personally which will save you going to the trouble of spraying them, but in a variety of conditions, killing the bees and destroying the nest is definitely the only fix to the problem.

To become removed the nest will initially have to undergo being sprayed. Spraying is often performed around the evening or at night once the bees are much less active and energetic, and it might be necessary to repeat the procedure over a few days to make sure all the insects are dead. Depending on exactly where the nest is situated the degree of difficulty of this step will vary and unique types of spray might be required. Once there are no signs of activity surrounding or within the nest it can be safely removed or filled in if it’s a ground nest.

It is a great idea to be constantly examining your house, property and any other buildings for the presence of bees and fill in any cracks in walls or crevices inside the ground. Old rodent burrows could be a well-known nesting site for bees as well as the gaps in fences and walls and cracks in trees. Maintaining your garden and property effectively will ensure you promptly identify whether bees have moved into your area or onto your actual property. Stopping an issue is always better than having to resort to bee pest control but if you have no choice seek expert help and advice.