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How do you prevent ants from invading and taking over your home?

Ants can seem like small, insignificant pests. However, they do play a vital part when it comes to the workings of the eco-system. They are known for devouring dead and rotting animals and plants. However, there are many different types of ants, and although they seem harmless, some have diverse tastes when it comes to food; some have different levels of aggression, and different nesting behaviour. They can easily begin destroying your home when left untreated. Several species can become such a nuisance that it becomes crucial to seek specialized ant control experts and treatment options.

Outdoor Issues

An example of a problem that ants can create is that in outdoor areas, ants frequently build hollow tunnels under ground. This can cause outdoor items to sink and areas to become unlevel. Ants also eat the sweet deposit that aphids leave on your plants in the garden. They’ll protect the Aphids from other pests in the garden because they offer a food source for the ants. They can also steal newly planted seeds from the garden. Not to mention, some of the larger ants bite. This can really become a problem if you have children.

Indoor Issues

As far as indoors is concerned, ants may really like your pantry or kitchen because it is a great source of food. Ants leave chemical trails (pheromones) once they’ve found a food source, so hundreds of ants from their colony may join in the pursuit to steal your grocery items. Also, Carpenter ants really cause problems on your property due to their habit of destroying wood. These ants are not termites because they don’t actually eat wood, however, they dig at it to make tunnels.

Many people have had to deal with ants in some way. Whether they’ve been in the garden, in the home, or have found other ways to move in on you and your family. If you’ve tried to remove ants with a store bought ant dust, it may not have worked as easily as you thought. Because ants tend to live in such populated colonies, skilled ant control is usually necessary. If you are having problems with ants and would like to remove them from your property, contact us today at 0414 267 273.