The Value of Termite Reports

When things like putting away savings for emergencies, electricity fees on the rise, and all of the other life’s expenses are take priority in your life, it’s easy to forget regular termite reports and to even harder to pay for them. In Sydney, Blackheath, Hazelbrook, Baxland, Bulabura, Faulcorbridge, Glenbrook, Hawkesbury Heights, Winmalee, termite reports usually cost approximately $180-360. However, skipping or forgetting termite reports can cause you to end up with far greater costs is termites begin to eat away at your property causing structural damages.

Here are a few things to think about if you think you cannot afford annual termite reports:

  1. When property is receives damages by termites, insurance companies do not pay for repairs. Termite damage isn’t covered by home insurance policies.
  2. The most common type of termites in Sydney, Blackheath, Hazelbrook, Baxland, Bulabura, Faulcorbridge, Glenbrook, Hawkesbury Heights, Winmalee buildings, subterranean termites, can chew up enough wood over months to cause major damages to the structure. This damage can cost thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to remedy, especially when the structure of the building has been affected.
  3. Termite reports can alert a property owner of the presence of termites and may allow time for you to take action.
  4. Termite reports can also show you the levels of current activity and risk in your area, and the existence of termites on your land. Precautionary information from your termite reports may also help in keeping termites out of your home or business.

So, the question is, can you afford NOT to continue receiving standard termite reports? If you need to speak with a pest expert about how to obtain a report, contact us at 0414 267 273.

Carpenter Ant Removal

A licensed pest expert can help with removal of carpenter ants. There are many different ways to do this and your pest controller will advise the best method depending on the severity of the infestation, the amount of ants, and the location of the nest. Different treatments can involve baiting, dusting, aerosol pesticide spray or a barrier insecticide outdoors that assists in killing the colony by tricking the ants into taking an unnoticeable poison back to their colony. A mixture of these methods may be used.

You can also fill in cracks that have allowed ants to enter, or remove any damp or rotting wood that has attracted the ants.

Ways that you can prevent carpenter ants from entering the home include repairing tap and pipe leaks quickly, sealing spaces that allow ants to enter your home, and making sure that shrubs are away from the outside walls of your home. The wood and dampness may draw them to the area and may guide them closer to your home.

If you are unsure as to whether you have carpenter ants or termites, get the assistance of a professional to help classify and appropriately treat the insects. If the insects happen to be termites, don’t do anything that may upset the nest before the pest control operator arrives. The termites may scatter and go to other locations around your house.

Call 0414 267 273 if you need to set up a time for carpenter ant removal or a termite inspection.