Spider Control

Are you seeking expert help with controlling spiders in your area? Australia has many different species of spiders. Many species of spiders are not dangerous, although some will give you a nasty bite, but others including the Funnel Web, the Red Back, and the White Tailed Spider are able to make you rather sick if bitten.

Not too many people like spiders and so whether they are safe or not, most people would like for all types of spiders to stay away from their property. Local pest control experts can help you with treating your area annually to discourage spiders from visiting. If there are children or if you are alarmed by spiders, yearly spider control is probably already a habit of yours. Here are some more things you can do to create a property that is uninviting for spiders:

  1. Don’t store or stack items against the walls outside of buildings. Red Backs, especially, like to hide behind these items. When you decide to clear out these areas, always use gloves and caution.
  2. If you have a storage area like a shed or garage, keep it clean. Spiders prefer to create webs between and behind items. Piles of boxes and other items can become an ideal setting for spider webs. They prefer quiet areas that are not used a lot, so a dark, rarely used shed can make a perfect home. Think about having an annual spring cleaning!
  3. Spiders prefer to eat insects so controlling other insect colonies around your property can help. If you are having any problems with other insects, contact your pest controller for suggestions.
  4. Between spider control treatments, use a surface spray where you know spiders tend to stay.
  5. Make sure you have fly screens that are correctly fitted for your windows, and if you don’t have any, consider buying some. Open windows with unfitted or frayed screens are an easy place for spiders to enter inside the building.

Spiders aren’t necessarily easy to get rid of, but perseverance can pay off. Keeping the outside area free from clutter, frequently cleaning behind outdoor furniture, and having over a pest controller annually will help to minimise the number of spiders you see.

If you need to schedule an appointment with a pest expert, contact us about spider control at 0414 267 273.