Mice Control for Commercial Premises

Mice Control

When visiting any commercial property, no one wants to run across mice. Whether there is food being served or not, it’s necessary to make sure you have a good plan for mice control. Whether you’re a hospital, hotel, school, or shopping centre- mice are not good things to have around.


Mice are known for carrying diseases. Probably the most famous disease carried by mice is the Bubonic Plague which has killed millions of people throughout history. The disease is passed around by fleas that have been in contact with mice. It is then spread from human to human as symptoms increase. Australia, Europe, and the UK were affected by it in the 1900s. The disease does still exist, but large uncontrollable outbreaks are improbable in this day in Australia because of the development in hygiene standards, pest control, medical services and antibiotics.

There is also Weil’s disease, which isn’t such ancient history. Andy Holmes, an Olympic rower, died after getting this disease in 2010. The disease can be passed around by contact with contaminated water.

Salmonella is also spread by mice. Many think that Salmonella comes from eating food that is ‘off’ but that’s not the case at all. Salmonella is spread by an infected animal. It can happen when the droppings of infected mice come into contact with food, or when meat, eggs or poultry from an infected animal isn’t cooked correctly. It’s also spread by human hands and by unclean utensils.

Those are just a few of the diseases that mice and rats carry and transmit. The signs of all of these illnesses are rather serious and can be fatal. Therefore, the control of mice and rats in the areas populated by humans is very important.

Mice control is recommended for commercial grounds even if they don’t have food related operations. If properties close to the business have strict pest control methods in place, a defenceless building can become the most attractive place for local mice!

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