Is your Termite Expert Really an Expert?

Most homeowners are accustomed to arranging periodic inspections for termites, but about one in three homeowners may one day find themselves calling a termite professional to treat a termite infestation in their residence. But how do you know if it is a termite expert? Not every pest controller is a termite specialist. When termites can speedily rack up tens of thousands of dollars worth of harm for your house, taking some time to confirm that you’re working with a true termite professional tends to make good sense.

What distinguishes a termite professional from any other pest controller?

In NSW, all pest professionals must complete an entry level course in pest management. On completion, they are able to obtain a pest management licence – but, the entry level qualification doesn’t make the student an immediate termite professional.

A second course in Termite and Timber Pest Management will offer the insight an aspiring termite professional needs, though naturally, only experience and top quality work will turn the student into a correct termite specialist. So, your ‘termite expert’ should hold a qualification in Termite and Timber Pest Management.

Expertise and investment in contemporary termite detection gear are massive advantages for a termite specialist – and for the homeowner. Termites are exceptionally discreet in their activities, so a termite inspection must be thorough. A newly certified termite professional can’t be expected to have the exact same amount of expertise at locating and treating termite infestations as a termite expert who has been locating and treating termites for many years. Contemporary detection gear like thermal imaging cameras that permit a termite professional to scan the walls of the residence are very powerful but are quite costly, so not every termite specialist will invest in the newest engineering.

Does that mean you should only decide on a very seasoned termite specialist?

Not necessarily – a qualified termite specialist who has fantastic gear, is diligent in inspecting for termite activity, and utilizes top quality items to treat infestations may possibly do as good a job as a termite professional with a lot of years behind them, but who isn’t as diligent and relies on old detection techniques.

The best way to pick your termite professional in NSW

1. Ask if your pest controller has obtained the Termite and Timber Pest Management qualification.
2. Ask your termite specialist what kind of gear will be utilised in the look for termite activity – as an example, modern day equipment might include a thermal imaging camera, a Termatrac microwave device and moisture detection gear.
3. Finally, ask your termite professional how and where they search for termites and nearby colonies to have a sense of how skilled and diligent your termite professional is.

Termite remedies aren’t low-priced, so it can truly pay to ensure you hire a termite specialist to carry out your common inspections and advise you on tips on how to best shield your house from future infestations. Contact us today at 0414 267 273, and we’ll be happy to assist you.